Role Of A Claims Adjuster


A claims adjuster is a learned professional trained in investigating events that led to property damage, assessing their viability and determining whether or not they are eligible for any monetary compensation.  Also known as a loss adjuster, his major responsibility is to investigate and find reliable links between the claimant and witnesses.  As accidents are unexpected events that lead to destruction, it is always advisable for one to insure his property whenever possible.

One of the responsibilities of an insurance adjuster is to investigate and process insurance claims.  For validation purposes, it is always essential that any claims are thoroughly investigated so as to determine their viability.  It is only after a thorough scrutiny that any compensation can be done.

Another distinct role of the claims adjuster is to carry out an elaborate investigation based on claimant and witness accounts.  Such investigation is necessary as it helps develop a link between what the claimant and the witnesses are saying.  Real time witness accounts are therefore very essential for this demanding process.

It is also the manadate of the Certified Xactimate Training to assess the extent of the losses and then develop a framework that will effectively provide an accurate amount for compensation.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of this professional to advice an insurance company on the best way of dealing with a claim.  In circumstances when the claimant does not agree with the amount of compensation being offered to him, the loss adjuster steps in to ensure that a consensus can be arrived at in no time.

As he carries out his personal investigations from Rope and harness training, the claims adjuster is compelled to record any data that he might have discovered along the way.  By the help of the data, a valid written report is made.  This report is very crucial to an insurance company since it can be archived for future referencing.  Within this document, the claims adjuster is compelled to provide for a detailed framework that will effectively inform the insurance company on how best to deliver its compensation to the claimant.

Oftenly, some of the claims issued to an insurance company are found not to be relevant.  When things get out of hand, the insurance adjuster is required to work in conjunction with company advocates so as to ensure that the image of the company is protected at all times.  Also, he is the person who issues compensation to the claimant in circumstances when allegations presented to the company have been found to be valid. Check out this website at for more facts about adjuster.

Lastly, it is the work of the insurance adjuster to deliver the report made in presentation form to the insurance company.  From the synopsis of the roles of an insurance adjuster, it is evident enough that he plays a very critical role in protecting an insurance company’s image and also ensuring that claimants get their compensation whenever it is due.


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